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The League exists to bring people together so they can share their energy, knowledge, skills and experience so that we all have the tools to build better communities. Every person has the potential to bring something special to their community and you can take the first step today by joining the League, joining your neighbourhood association, or joining a community group.


Join A Neighbourhood Association

The city of London, Ontario is made up of 74 neighbourhoods, some are members of the League and some not. Some have highly active neighbourhood associations and some are now dormant. There's room for you to join with your neighbours no matter where you live in the city to build a safer and more vibrant community.

Find out more about your neighbourhood at London's NeighbourGood Guide.

If you happen to live in a neighbourhood that does not yet have a neighbourhood association, consider forming one. More often than not, such associations are formed in response to a planning application in a neighbourhood but there are other great reasons to consider starting one as well. The very best neighbourhoods in London are connected and these connections are most easily built by neighbours coming together to celebrate where they live. Many of the best neighbourhood festivals right across the city, for example, have been started by active neighbourhood associations looking to build the social bonds that are the foundation of strong and effective communities.

There is no need to “reinvent the wheel” when it comes to starting a neighbourhood association. The League is ready, willing, and able to assist any citizens interested in starting their own neighbourhood association. Just click the button to get started.


Join a Community Organization

You can also get involved in the work of one of our community organizations. This is where many of London's most thoughtful, committed citizens got their start.


Become a League Member

You can join the Urban League of London as an Individual Member and become part of a growing coalition of citizens and community organizations advocating for positive and sustainable change in this city we all call home.


 Join an Urban League Committee

Interested in helping to build stronger a stronger neighbourhoods and communities? Committees are a great way to put your existing skills to work and to build new ones. The League is always in need of people to help us dream up new ideas and to help bring those ideas to life.


Need Help?

Not sure where to start? No sweat, we're here to help. Get in touch and we'll answer any questions you might have.